An Innovation in Case-Ready Trays is Taking Shape

Presenting the next generation of trays designed to make your packaging more reliable and recyclable.
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Our case-ready trays offer you innovative ways to extend the shelf life of products while providing the fresh-looking, attractive and leak-resistant package customers expect. Durable construction withstands the rigorous handling requirements of processors and retailers. Our designs are compatible with standard lidding films that meet plant processing requirements.


Our unique blend of biomass and conventional material creates a rigid and effective capsule, tray or container that is substantially more environmentally-friendly than any other packaging solution available in today’s market. Available for trays, portion cups, and K cups. They’re fully compostable and sustainably made from renewable plant resources. Our technology protects your product from the water and oxygen twice as well as any conventional material.

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Lightweight Polypropylene

Same quality and durability, less everything else. We created a durable material that’s lighter in every sense; On scale, on cost, and on the planet. Our lightweight polypropylene trays are up to 30% lighter than other trays, come with an antimicrobial layer, they’re recyclable, and have extended shelf life.

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Our conventional polypropylene can be used for everything from hot-fill to cold storage and is easy to recycle with a longer shelf life. It has less than 1% EVOH, an antimicrobial layer, and extended shelf life.

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